Caring for your superpower

What is Creathology?

Creathology is an eight-week online one-on-one course to get you unstuck and revitalize your relationship to your creativity. It is designed for creatives who want to transform how they approach their creative process. It’s a method that helps you find a more sustainable way to relate to your creating.
Whether you’ve been working creatively for a long time or have been dreaming about giving your creativity more space in your life, Creathology will help you address the doubts and fears that keep you from creating your most authentic work and invite joy and pleasure back into your process.

Why Creathology?

Creativity is your superpower.
It’s the talent you use to write books, to plan Instagram content, to build kites, to paint pottery. It’s the force that motivates you to finish a movie script but also to tell a joke on a first date and invent a game to get your rowdy kids to brush their teeth.
Your creativity is everywhere and you interact with it every day. It’s an essential part of your well-being and how you experience the world.
But how often do you take care of it?
In my work with creative people, I’ve seen patterns and recurring needs. I’ve realized that so many people suffer from creative wounds.
Sometimes creativity has been a way of coping with traumatic life experiences and sometimes we’ve been wounded in the creative process, either way we carry disappointments, hurt or fear.
These wounds can hold us back in our relationship to our creativity just like relational wounds can hold us back in our intimate relationships.
There may also be a reluctance to work directly with the source of much of what becomes inspiration and depth in the work. A fear of losing what’s unique and interesting.
That’s why the work we do in Creathology is not therapy. It’s a method with the specific goal of creating a kind, nurturing, supportive and exciting relationship to your creativity.
As you go through the course you will develop tools that you can use for the rest of your life.
But wait, isn’t creativity about being true to your inner voice? Can you really teach someone to be creative? Well you can and you can’t. This course will not teach you how to write your book. It will not dictate how you should construct your performance or compose your symphony.
What it will give you is a number of vital tools that will help you connect to the inner source that made you dream of a creative life.
It will give you a chance to reconnect to your creativity and change how you relate to your art, your life and your self.

How does it work?

During eight weeks, we’ll meet online for an hour a week to delve deep into your specific needs and challenges so that I can give you strategies to work through them.
Before each session, you’ll do exercises. They’ve been created to deepen your understanding of your process and question some of your core beliefs. 
This is the backbone of the course, the structure that holds you and takes you from where you are now (aaaarghhhhh!) to where you want to be (aaaaahhmazing!). 
Because loneliness is often a big part of being a creative person, an important aspect of the course is that I’m with you in every part of your process and healing.

What will we cover in our eight weeks together?

Throughout the course we focus on creating a self compassionate and loving relationship to your creativity so that you can create from a place of excitement and ease. Every week you will get a set of exercises based on a theme. Each week’s work builds on the previous one.
Week 1 PRESENT – The first week is about finding out where you’re at today. What are you holding on to emotionally, physically and in terms of belief patterns that’s keeping you from creating your best and most authentic work? 
Week 2 PAST – This is where we work through and let go of old hurts and disappointments in relationship to your creativity, which means starting from a new and exciting place.
Week 3 FUTURE – We focus on formulating clear, honest goals and create a plan, so that you can start working on how to get there.
Week 4 PURPOSE – Is about helping you uncover your bigger purpose, and finding ways to incorporate the essence of that as part of a daily ritual. This will give your everyday work meaning and create a sense of connection.
Week 5 TIME – Is dedicated to creating a time structure and boundaries, to hold and protect you. So that you can feel that you’ve finished your work when you close your computer, put away your paintbrushes or stop recording content at the end of the day.
Week 6 FEAR – We dig into your fears while teaching you how to access a curious and compassionate voice as an alternative to the critical one. This will make sitting down to do your work (and the rest of your life) so much more pleasurable.
Week 7 CREATE – You will design your own personal toolbox based on everything you’ve learned. You will practice creating using those tools, so that you can continue to use our work even after it’s over.
Week 8 CELEBRATE – We end in pleasure and celebration. We invite more of what is easy and playful to your process in order to create the conditions to dive deep (and then come back to pleasure) in your work. We celebrate you.
These powerful exercises are complemented by our sessions where I will tailor the course more specifically to your needs. If resistance or procrastination is a big thing for you, we’ll address that, if it’s about money, we’ll spend some time with that. The content of the course is personalized based on what comes up for you in the exercises and the magic that happens between us.


The course is focused on your insights leading to action and new habits in your creative process. It’s great to combine with whatever you’re currently working on. Expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours / week on work in addition to our conversations.


Anything else you’re curious about? Let me know! Email me at with any questions you may have. If you think this may be the course you’ve been longing for, send me an email, and we’ll schedule your free 20 minute online discovery call.
Disclaimer: Although this work is highly influenced by my work as a therapist and the course may be therapeutic it’s not therapy. It’s not a substitute for treatment with a mental health care provider if that’s what you need at this moment in your life. My work with you in this course is purely as a coach.