About me

“I dare you to do a drop-in acting class”.

I was 23 and had just told my friend who said improv classes were amazing that I would never do such a thing. So she dared me. My entire introverted highly sensitive being said NO. But a (very small) part of me was curious. So a few weeks later, I went.
And she was right. I had never felt more alive than in those two hours. Surely this was what life was meant to feel like.
I started acting school (Advanced Diploma of Arts ACTT, Sydney) to find out but soon realised that I didn’t like being looked at on a stage (not great for an actor). Instead, what I loved were the transformational tools that included the entire being; body, voice, emotions and intellect, and being guided towards more freedom.
So I stayed close to that. I worked as an acting teacher for a while then transitioned to coaching writing creatives, but always with the same aim: unblocking fear and limitations to find more aliveness and vulnerability in the body or in the text.
Studying anthropology (B.S. from Stockholm University) gave me the same sense of freedom, I loved the idea that nothing is normal or natural, that everything we believe is “the way it is” can be conceived of and done in different ways.
The transition from there to therapy (B.S. in Psychology from Stockholm University, Psychotherapy degree from S:t Lukas Stockholm, AEDP training New York) was the possibility of deepening the work to create lasting change over time. Whether I was doing volunteer work at a women’s shelter or working in my private practice, the aim was the same:
Giving people more access to themselves, more connection to and love for their true selves. From that place new alternatives, and through that new lives, become possible.
Now as I come full circle working with creatives it’s with the desire to share everything I’ve learned and seen work along the way in order to connect you to your magnificence and help you create from that place. My desire is for you to fall (back) in love with yourself and your creativity.
My approach is to challenge you by recruiting your gentleness and curiosity. Because I know from experience that even just a glimmer of curiosity can change your life.


I’m always so honoured to receive testimonials. As a therapist I deeply respect people’s need for privacy and therefore some of these testimonials are anonymous.

This course saved my life. I have been publishing books for almost twenty years and I always thought that the creative process had to be painful in order to be “real”. This course helped me change my relationship to my creativity, it made me rediscover why I fell in love with writing in the first place, it made me a better writer, but also a better parent, and a better friend. It helped me create boundaries around my work, in order to better enjoy life outside of work. Diane is a remarkable coach and I cant recommend this course enough.

Y.B. Writer.

I am completely amazed and thankful for the eight weeks spent together. Diane is such a grounded professional, so open to listening and interacting with my views, narratives, fears and dreams, she is so careful and caring, so interested and involved with my issues and so bright and clear and firm. She made me think from new perspectives, she tailored solutions for me and shared powerful tools. To have the chance to interact with her weekly is just awesome! 

I went from procrastination to daily meetings with my artistic expression. From fear to self satisfaction. From complaining about  the lack of space at home for writing in peace to creating a room of my own: our little extra toilet became my own fantastic “red bathroom”, a place I decorated and where I now write my novels. From uncertainty to courage. I am an artist. 

So much can happen in this course that you will be surprised. I am surprised, I am thankful. I am enthusiastic and calm with the version of myself that was hidden, a bit shy to glow and Diane invited me to bring it up in a holistic way that is so rewarding. 

Ilana Eleá. Phd., writer and poet.

I would definitely recommend this course. Everyone I know who works expressively would be helped by a moment in the sun! It’s important to create with care.

I would describe this course as an eight-week tutorial in mediating internal strife. A chance to exchange demands for encouragement. It was an awakening.

Diane does a fantastic job in keeping a firm focus on kindness and a gentle tone, creating security and trust. In her own role but also in her ability to make me hear how I speak to myself. That’s important to me. It’s clear that she’s speaking from experience, she’s very well-read and knowledgeable in her field. A credible guide.

Simon C. Film editor.


I work exclusively online, in English, Swedish and French. If you’re interested in doing the course and want to know more about how it can help you then please send an email to diane@creathology.com to book your free 20 min discovery call.


  • Level 1 AEDP therapist, AEDP Immersion with Diana Fosha, New York.
  • Basic Psychotherapy training, Advanced level, S:t Lukas Utbildningsinstitut at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke Högskola.
  • B.S. Psychology, Stockholm University.
  • B.S. Social Anthropology, Stockholm University.
  • Advanced Diploma of Arts in Stage and Screen Acting, Actor’s College of Theatre and Television Sydney, Australia.

Published articles:

“I’ve got you under my skin”: Relational therapists’ experiences of patients who occupy their inner world

Diane Bimont & Andrzej Werbart (2017)

Councelling Psychology Quarterly Psychotherapy Research, DOI: 10.1080/09515070.2017.1300135