Eight weeks to revitalize your creativity

Creating is the best and worst thing you know.

You love how it makes you feel. You hate how it makes you feel. On a good day you’re on top of the world! On a bad day you feel empty and worthless.
Creating comes with unique challenges and the roller coaster of the creative process affects every part of your life. But what if the place where you went to create wasn’t a painful one? What if instead of that harsh and critical voice you could enter the process alongside your creativity? With a sense of curiosity, of gentle care and with a feeling of companionship?
My name is Diane Bimont and for the past 10+ years I’ve worked with creative people as an acting teacher, a text coach and as a therapist in my private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years I’ve witnessed first hand how painful it can be when your creativity gets blocked. All of a sudden the words aren’t coming, the melody isn’t catching, the dance piece isn’t moving, the content that you once produced with ease, has disappeared.
To help my clients I’ve put together the best of my knowledge about creativity and psychology and created: Creathology, an eight-week online one-on-one course to get you unstuck and revitalize your relationship to your creativity.